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Lebanon Stands For France

«I am Lebanese and I stand with Charlie Hebdo. I am Lebanese and I will always speak my mind, either you like it or you don’t, either I use perfect sentences or I don’t.»
I am no Journalist, or a writer, or anything, I am a normal human being who’s had it with this terrorism. I am writing this post today to say that I am not going to shut up or maybe think twice before talking, because we have reached this stage of life where if you ever believe that you better think twice or even count to ten before talking you’re going to perish with the barbarism that is happening around the world. Either in Lebanon (my beloved Lebanon), or France, or Syria or any other country. Actually why would I even bother thinking twice before talking (as I have said it before) when these humans DON’T. And actually either way if we speak out our minds or we don’t none will hear, and if (I REPEAT IF) anyone bothers listening to what we believe in or say, either we get killed or hurt, or even arrested. So no I will say things as they come to my mind. We are in freaking 2015 for heaven’s sake!!!! I am a proud Christian. I have Muslim friends and even a Muslim relative (may he Rest In Peace). My hometown is a mixture of three Religions. What I mean by what I said is that we are one country, we live together, we are neighbors, in other words, whenever terrorism happen we have no right to blame the Muslims directly. In fact the “killers” (Murderers) are fanatics to the Muslim religion, or Jihadists as they call themselves. And we should not blame countries either.
France haven’t seen this act of violence in a long time. Some people believe that we (Lebanese) should not over do it with what happened to France, but I believe and actually know they are wrong (for them why would we care for what happened to them. When our soldiers die they -french people- do not think about us, they continue living normally).
We -at least I am- are actually standing with the fact that attacking journalists and the freedom of speech is not acceptable. No matter what those journalists have said or done or drew.
None has the right to take the life of another. YOU ARE NO GOD and YOU WILL NEVER BE. You kill in name of GOD? Please show me a Holly book in which is written to kill in the name of GOD! You believe that after murdering journalists, or soldiers, or our kids and sons and brothers we will shut up? Oh HELL no! This is where you are wrong! This is where you should “think twice before acting” because this is where we find our strength to fight you back, to end you, to KILL you. YOU should be hanged in front of the whole wide world.

I wrote this article in RED to show how bothered I am from what is happening around the world.

I do not accept that we can smear the name of God Almighty the way it happened. My article is the result of anger against terrorism, but I do not accept in any means the drawings. These “artists” were to be judged by God and not by a human being.


[HASHTAG] RainyDay

First of all Happy New Year dear friends. I want to wish you a very beautiful year full of  love, joy and happy music. 

During university days, while shooting a friend's project

During university days, while shooting a friend’s project

Today I am having one of the best days of my life. You have no idea. No I haven’t been proposed to (because this already happened), or WE haven’t set a date for our wedding, and NO I didn’t buy anything new. I am having the best day of my life simply because of the weather we are having today {6 January 2015}. YES I LOVE RAIN AND COLD AND WINTER AND SNOW AND CO.  Few are the people who get my love for this weather. In such a weather you would likely find me at home in my bed in my onesie drinking tea or my coffee, listening to music mixed with the sound of rain and wind, unless I have work then of course you’ll find my busy working.

Today is one of those days where I like to be with my love and in his arms. Today is one of those days where I really enjoy listening to Damien Rice and DEFINITELY the master and the one and only BOB DYLAN. Sometimes I enjoy watching some DVDs or maybe read. I could also be watching some youtube videos. and of course of course I will be checking my social media accounts (instagram, pintrest, twitter, facebook …)

This weather is a reason to gather with your family and friends, on the contrary of summer where you always want to go out party and go to places. During the cold weather you enjoy sitting in one place next to the heater, or to your chimney and eat hot and yummy food, or drink your tea or coffee and maybe, I said maybe play some board games (yes why not!)

I’m in that stage of my life where simple things amuse me and make me feel happy, where I look for stability and settlement. I reached  that stage where rain makes me think about my future. About when I will get married and have babies. and grow old with the one I love.

This is the weather I love. This is the weather that makes feel alive and myself. This is the weather that I need to feel complete and happy. You might think of me as a crazy lunatic person, but I can assure you this weather is totally amazing and perfect. *Plus the cold is good for the skin*.

Today’s a good day to have a good day. – Unknonw.

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[hashtag] Tattooed and PROUD.


Compared to other tattooed people, i’m FAR from being a resource, but I believe that I personally can give any “advise” concerning this matter. First of all tattoos DO NOT and I mean it, do not label you as a “bad” person or a “Rebel” like people seem to think.

We live in a society that has the pleasure of categorizing each single human being. you wear black, it’s DIRECTLY equal to either you have someone who died or you’re a “Satanic”. Yes yes believe it, a whole black dress code is the signification of satanism to some people of course. If you have Tattoos and Piercings, you definitely are a junky – a junky is a person who does drugs in a very excessive way -. She wears short skirts, and HIGH heels and has those big lips means she’s a total B****. Well no people NO don’t stereotype people for God’s sake.

Anyways, let’s get back to our subject that is tattoos. When you get a tattoo either it’s small or big you do it because you want to get tattooed and because it has a meaning to you and not because you saw you best friend do it or something. Always remember, a tattoo is a thing you keep all your life, Okay i know you can remove it with the laser, but if you come to think about it, why do you do it if you “regret” it or think about removing it after a while? Seriously, it’s either you do it or you don’t. As I have said a bit earlier, a tattoo better be something you like or love or something that has a meaning to you, for example, when I did my Bows none got it, they were like “why bows” ? I LOVE EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH BOWS. I drew them on my notebooks and on my books back in school, and I always loved the concept of a bow how it’s all related and the fact that to have a well drawn  bow it has to be drawn in one take.

Let’s talk about the size of a tattoo. The size here do not matter as much as the beauty of the work {in other terms you better go to a good tattoo artist and not to the cheapest}. When people see a tattoo, the first two things they think about asking you are:

  1. Who’s the artist?
  2. How much did you pay?

And of course before asking you those question you are expected to hear ” I like your tattoo.. ” and then the questions of course. A tattoo can be HUGE and “ugly” and it can be “small” beautiful and cute.

I believe every country has a different pricing for tattoos, and usually tattoos are not cheap, they range between 50$ and above, depending on what you desire to have and on the size of the tattoo you are getting.

Now, matching tattoos sometimes are the worst thing you ever do. [yes I have matching tattoos, and no I do not regret them]. Some people I know, have matching tattoos with either their friends, or their companions or even their families, but let me tell you one thing (personal thoughts) do not take this step with anyone unless YOU ARE SURE of your feelings toward this person and of the fact that you will never breakup with this person, because believe me this tattoo will be a total disaster. I have seen with my own eyes people with matching tattoos not talk to each other now. My matching tattoos are with both my Fiancé and my sister in law. I got my matching tattoos with people I love and with people I care about and with whom i will never fight  –the tattoo with my sister in law is an Ampersand {based on a song of Amanda Palmer} and the tattoo with my love is the Clef de Sol with a peace sign stuck on it, mine is colored and his is totally black {based on the fact that we are in a band and we both love music and that peace era}

The placement of a tattoo is a total different story. The placement of a tattoo is related to two MAJOR things:

  • Where you work
  • Your “style” if I may say

Let’s start with where you work. If you’re a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher or anything from that field, it is somehow illogical to have your tattoos shown on your hands for example or your face or even your legs. (I am not saying that it’s wrong what I mean is that it is unprofessional .) On the other hand if you are, let’s say a makeup artist or a photographer or anything that does not require having to work with children or so you can choose the place you desire to get a tattoo. Also, the placement of a tattoo is usually based on how you see yourself and what you like. you might loooove tattoos but believe that seeing them will make you get bored or maybe hate it (which is not common) and you prefer having them on your back, or your thighs, your ribs or something. – the other day i was looking through the people I follow on instagram and I saw this girl “thesoundofbreakingup” all of her tattoos are on her legs, which is really beautiful, and they are really amazing. I actually have no idea if she has any tattoos on her back or something but there is this HUGE amount of tattoos on both her legs and it is really dreamy, please note that this girl is a model, and she is not Lebanese, so the stereotyping people issue is not present -. My tattoos are everywhere on my body, (I believe the body is a canvas, so why keep it blank, and you are your own artist), I have on my leg, my back, both my hands, my neck,  my foot, my shoulder, and soon I’m having a tattoo on my thigh. I allowed myself that amount of tattoos because I knew I will never work behind a desk in a law firm or in a bank or whatever.

Whoever said getting a tattoo will make you want to get more was right, once you get a tattoo you feel the need to get more, and if you are a lover of ink the fact of getting tattooed is just fun, But this is not a trademark, some people get only one  tattoo and don’t think about getting more tattoos. I started my collection, I will say, of tattoos at a young age, with a small one on my back and it lead to having a bunch of tattoos every where on my body, and every once in a while i think about a new tattoo and I always look for new designs. My newest is one big peacock on my back. I loved it since I laid eyes on it.

I am a lover of Ink, I did not write this post to insight you into getting tattooed or anything, I am just sharing my experience concerning this subject, it is always up to you to decide whether you do it or not. Always remember that you will never do anything you aren’t convinced of doing, no matter what it is in other terms, no matter how much a person insists on you to do anything, if you don’t want to do it you won’t do it and remember never to blame anyone for your decisions and choices.

Last but not least,

Never judge a book by it’s cover.


[hashtag] Twenty Something Love.


So you’re a twenty something, nothing can come your way, nothing can bring you down, you’re not Old and not Young, you’re in the “in between” phase (mature in your thinking and a kid with your family). UNTIL that moment you fall in love and become a ball of emotions mixed all together, that moment when nothing is the same anymore, when everything you ever knew before falls apart (in a positive way OF COURSE) and you start breaking all those rules you created and written in your private diary and promised yourself you would never break. The moment you see his eyes your heart skips a beat. When you hear your phone ring you leave everything you are doing to answer him. The moment he hugs you or holds your hand – ugh those moment are the best -. When he give you a nick name (babe, sweets, honey, baby …) that moment you know he really is into you. – I believe giving these sorta names to someone means you really have feelings toward that specific person, it’s not like shortening a name or something – But please note, never take for granted ones emotions and feelings, you could lose that person with that type of behavior.

Anyways, I speak to you out of experience, above my 26 years I have loved and I am IN LOVE. For that man I give my life. You always believe that you would never fall in love, that you would never be precious to anyone but your family. WRONG! Your day will come sooner or later. you should never underestimate yourself, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US HAS WHAT IT TAKES TO LOVE AND BE LOVED IN RETURN. Girl learn to have some faith in yourself!

How I see things is a bit different than anyone else, for me, fighting with the one you love means you guys care for each other and it does not mean that you are in that phase where you should break up. NEVER EVER THINK ABOUT BREAKING UP because you will be giving up on what you have been building for a while, breaking up with a person is never the solution for your problems. The solution is always to listen to each other and try to find together a way out.


But at this stage of your life, you look in the mirror and think to yourself, I’m twenty something, I’ve been in a relation with X for this long ain’t I young to think about marriage? Have I seen everything of life? Shouldn’t there be more for me to see? When love hits your way you cannot escape it, and you cannot think about those “silly” questions I would say. Because marriage is a new stage of your life and it hides lots of positive things for you to see. never be afraid to be committed in your life, it’s a sign that you have grown.

I have a lot of “friends” that are my age or older who look at me and think {LOUDLY} why her and not us, some other think that it’s a mistake… by this I need to say that NEVER LET THOSE SAYINGS TOUCH YOU IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY. Always remember in a relation you are two (you and your partner) so whatever happens between you two, always keep it inside your bubble and do not let it spread, spreading intimate things about you and your partner causes misunderstandings.


I have always been in love with writing, but I found it really hard to achieve. If you don’t use the right words at the right time, the whole context of a sentence would sound “wrong”, and it can be misunderstood. So to be close to writing I decided to major in Cinematic studies (in which you learn how to write movies, direct movies and so on…)

Bref, other than my cinematic studies, i wrote a FEW blogs, but directly got rid of them, except from one. (According To Moi) I created this blog because I am a person who’s really shy and because of that I can’t stand in front of a video camera and talk for hours about this and that, instead I created AccordingToMoi.